Bodegal is an Anonym Society, founded in 1984, specializing in Storage and third party logistics, with custom services of warehousing, logistics, distribution and maquillage. Bodegal provides high quality, certified, logistical inputs that protect the environment and health security of the food industry, ensuring the traceability of their exports to the world

Trajectory is trust

Path is Bodegal trust account with logistical support for import, storage and distribution throughout the country, operations infrastructure offering variety of services associated with logistics with personalized attention and information technology to your customers.

Our company is the oldest in the country since the loyalty of our customers has been maintained for more than 20 years. Our rates are commensurate with the quality, experience and willingness of all our collaborators. Customers have full-time operations Executive.

We are Consolidators, why we understand perfectly that personal savings, as well as the transfer of labor responsibilities over their workers, to the external operator - eliminating the burden of labor, trials among other difficulties, are sensitive subjects for the client.

The company itself handling cost is higher than outsourcing. The client only occupies buy, sell, collect, and has staff to these three areas. Everything else we do. There are companies that handle 3,000 m2 with 15 people. We handle 15 thousand m2 with 20. Bodegal storage and distribution has health permits the storage and handling of non-perishable food, cosmetics, corrosive chemicals and pharmaceuticals, covered by resolution legal. Our storage, strategically located in the heart of the centers of consumption of greater Santiago, with access to the main distribution routes throughout the country, substantially reduce transportation costs.

Bodegal storage and distribution provides the most complete line of world-class inputs certified ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001, caring for the environment and health security in the handling of food, chemicals and drugs, with more than 1 mil 500 products logistics support. This online, we supply food, mining, chemistry, agriculture, fisheries, cheese-making industry, meat and mill, among others, decreasing their losses by health as pests or organic, assuring them of exports to the world much more clean and, therefore, much safer pollution accidents.